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Orbeez guns are a source of entertainment for everyone at some point in our lives. Today’s blog is all about the MP5K Orbeez Submachine Gun. You must have heard about the MP5K Orbeez Submachine Gun because this is the most hot-selling kids’ weapon of the year. But what makes it stand out from the others?

MP5K Orbeez Submachine gun is built to perfection and is one of the most convenient guns you can play with.

What can you expect from it? How much does it cost? How to get the most out of your gun? 

I will answer all of them in this blog. So stay tuned till the end.



A Glimpse into Orbeez History:

So here is the interesting twist: Orbeez were never to play with, but a horticulturist made them so that soil could hold more water. The mind behind Orbeez was rather technological than recreational. They were supposed to provide water to the plants during droughts and other water scarcity periods.

But in the In the mid-2000s, Orbeez made their way into the recreational industry. When soaked in water, spherical beads grew significantly in size, creating a tactile and sensory experience that appealed to children and adults alike. Colors were added later to the water balls to make them more visually appealing.

Then, slowly, different toys like Orbeez guns emerged in the market to shoot Orbeez, and to date, they are one of the most loved recreational accessories for people of all ages.

DIY with orbeez

How to Find Your Best Fit Orbeez Gun:

Know Your Why?

Before deciding to buy a gun, determine why you need one. Are you using it for recreational play, target shooting, or as a prop for a costume or event? Your purpose will help you with your choice.

Select the Orbeez Gun Model:

Choose The Best Suited Model:

Different Orbeez gun models serve different purposes. Some are intended for rapid-fire play, while others are more accurate for target shooting. Choose a model that aligns with your intended use.

Check Compatibility:

Ensure that the Orbeez gun you select is compatible with the size and type of Orbeez you have or plan to use. Technically speaking, you cannot use all the Orbeez for all the guns. Some will have a bigger nozzle, and the others smaller. Choose accordingly.

Keep Capacity and Reload Time into Consideration:

Evaluate the capacity of the Orbeez gun’s magazine or chamber. A higher capacity may be preferable for longer play sessions such as combats and target shoots. Additionally, it is also crucial to consider how easy it is to reload the gun with more Orbeez.

Read Reviews and Recommendations:

Look for reviews and recommendations from other users with the same Orbeez gun model. They will provide insights into the gun’s performance, accuracy, and ease of use. They will also influence your choice directly.

Try Different Orbeez Types:

Orbeez comes in various colors and types that include, but are not limited to, standard, glow-in-the-dark, scented varieties, etc. Experiment with different kinds of Orbeez to find the ones that you find most enjoyable and fit your needs perfectly.

Practice and Adapt:

Once you have your Orbeez gun and Orbeez, could you spend some time practicing with it? Learn and adjust to the gun’s settings, such as the firing rate or hop-up (if applicable); this way, you will find which configuration works best for you.

Safety Considerations:

Always prioritize safety when using an Orbeez gun. Be aware of the gun’s range and ensure that you use it in a safe environment. Wear eye protection when necessary, and follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines. Additionally, when buying Orbeez, it is crucial to ensure they don’t contain chemicals and toxins.

Have Fun Responsibly:

The prime purpose of Orbeez guns is fun and enjoyment. Use them responsibly and consider the comfort and joy of others around you.

MP5K Orbeez Submachine Gun:

Starting with the dimensions, the MP5K Orbeez Submachine Gun is 60 cm in length, 5 cm in width, and 22 cm in height and weighs around 1.48 kg. MP5K Orbeez submachine gun is fully automatic, suitable for single shots, and supports a 7.4v SM-4P battery. The material of the MP5K Orbeez submachine gun is ABS, which is recommended for people over 14 years of age.

Shooting speed of the gun is 200 RMP, and each magazine capacity is 100 balls.

A 20mm rail is present, and the MP5K also contains a safety switch.

What is in the Box?

When you open the box of the MP5K Orbeez submachine gun, you will find an MP5k Gel Blaster to shoot the Orbeez. 11,000 Gel balls that you will soak in water to bring them to full size. Safety glasses to help your eyes during combats, green dot sight to enhance the visibility of your target, foregrip to improve your grip on MP5K and reduce the recoils, and suppressor to reduce the splash

sounds as your gel balls leave the nozzle. Flashlight to help you combat in the dark, Iron sight to ensure your friend enjoys every splash of the ball you fire at them. The carrying cord is there to ease portability for you. Magazine to store your gel beads.

7.4v Lithium chargeable battery to keep your electric and automatic MP5K charged. USB charging cable to charge the battery. Manual to help you better understand the workings of the MP5K and address the queries that pop into your mind at runtime.

What the Users Have to Say About MP5K Orbeez Submachine Gun?

Most users give positive reviews about the MP5K Orbeez Submachine Gun.  According to them, the MP5K Orbeez Submachine Gun is easy to use and superbly playful in combat. You can easily carry it around on trips and have fun with your friends. MP5K Orbeez Submachine Gun components are widely available, so you don’t have to worry if any component breaks or malfunctions. However, this rarely happens as the material of the gun is very durable.

Some users complain about the price of the MP5K Orbeez Submachine Gun, which is 50 dollars above. But again, the point is if you are looking for a budget-friendly blaster, there are various Orbeez guns to choose from.

Why MP 5K Submachine Gun is a Perfect Fit for You? 

 The Orbeez MP5K Submachine Gun delivers a unique blend of colors and entertainment. Adults and kids equally love the experience that merges the world of recreational play with the colorful and visually appealing Orbeez.

MP5K is a most in-demand gel blaster because of its easy portability, versatile options, and usability. MP 5K submachine gun is automatic; you can choose whether you want a single-shot mode or a continuous shooting experience. This is how MP5K can effortlessly cater to every need, whether combat or targeted shooting. You can enjoy your MP5K experience at any time of the day because its flashlight will help you see even in the dark. MP 5K also includes a safety switch, ensuring fun remains safe, especially for younger users.

MP5k also has 20mm rails that offer customization options, allowing enthusiasts to customize the gun to their needs. MP5k also carries an impressive magazine capacity of 100 Orbeez balls and a shooting speed of 200 rounds per minute. All the factors guarantee prolonged excitement without needing to reload frequently. Crafted from durable ABS material, the MP5K Orbeez submachine gun is built to withstand rough handling.

The Electric MP5K Orbeez Submachine Gun is ideal for those aged 14 and above, providing an immersive and visual experience.

In summary, the MP 5K Orbeez submachine gun transforms the world of recreational play by incorporating these water-absorbent gel beads, offering a one-of-a-kind sensory experience. MP5K Orbeez submachine gun is a great addition to the arsenal of any Orbeez enthusiast, providing hours of safe, colorful, and exciting entertainment. Whether for target practice or imaginative play, the Orbeez MP5K Submachine Gun promises fun-filled adventures for users of all ages.


In conclusion, Orbeez’s guns can be a source of enjoyment and relaxation for people of any age. Among all the Orbeez guns, the MP 5K submachine shines the brightest because of its vast customization options. But to ensure MP 5K is your perfect fit, carefully review the specifications and age recommendations. 

With your MP 5K submachine gun, you can let your creativity go wild and plan as many games as you want. Have happy Orbeezing!

What does an Orbeez gun do?

Orbeez guns are recreational guns. They are also called gel blasters. These small toy guns may look real because of their state-of-the-art manufacturing. You can use Orbeez guns to shoot gel balls, also known as Orbeez. Orbeez are small, colorful water beads that grow in size when you soak them in water. When shot from the gun, Orbeez creates a very satisfying splash while the targeted person gets wet.

Is an Orbeez gun safe?

Orbeez guns are manufactured for children and are generally considered safe for kids above 12 years. But it would be best if you practice caution, and before handing over your kid an Orbeez gun, check the age recommendations mentioned on the website and the package you will receive. The warning is to keep your kids safe from choking hazards that may arise if your kid takes in a gel ball or any small part of the blaster.

How big can Orbeez get?

The size of the Orbeez depends upon three things: firstly, what is the maximum diameter it can attain, for how long you have kept it in the water, and how pure the water was. The purity of the water is directly proportional to the Orbeez. If you have chosen a big ball and kept it in an adequate amount of pure water, it can attain a diameter of 14mm.

How do I speed up Orbeez?

While patience is the key when growing Orbeez, keep your gel balls in warm water to speed up the process. They will grow 2x there. If you want to speed up the game further, add one tablespoon of sugar or salt to your gel balls.

Where can I buy an MP5K Orbeez submachine gun?

You can buy the MP5K Orbeez submachine gun from the official website or any verified seller.

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