M249 Mini: Best Orbeez Gun


In this blog, I will review the most talked about Orbeez gun, the M249 Mini. But before starting, let me give you a quick glimpse of Orbeez guns.

Most of us, at some point in our childhood, have played with the Orbeez guns. You may pronounce it something else and might be wondering what they are. To clear up the confusion, let me explain.

“Orbeez guns” are toy guns or blasters that shoot Orbeez, which are tiny, water-absorbent polymer balls or beads. They are used for fun and games, such as target shooting or playful battles. These guns are popular among children and provide a unique sensory experience due to the squishy texture of the Orbeez. 

You can choose from various models, shapes, and sizes. 

But if you are looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use gun, the M249 Mini may be the right choice.

Why is the M249 Mini so famous? What are the other types of Orbeez guns, and what is the physics behind these guns? I will answer every curious question in this blog. So hang tight and join me till the end.


Physics of an Orbeez Gun:

For a more precise understanding, let me explain each component of the gun separately:

Orbeez: Starting with the Orbeez. These tiny, colorful, water-absorbent balls expand when you soak them in water. Initially, you will find them as small, hard pellets, and eventually, they will grow into soft, squishy balls as they absorb water.

DIY with orbeez

Gun or Blaster: You require a pump or a gun to shoot the balls on target. This is what an Orbeez gun or blaster does. It is a toy weapon designed to hit these gel balls. They are usually made of plastic and contain a pump-action mechanism or a trigger to release the gel beads.


How to Load an Orbeez Gun?: To start with an Orbeez gun, you will first need to soak the gel balls in water for a specified amount of time (Usually for at least three hours to overnight). The process will allow them to expand and become soft and squishy. Once they have reached the desired size, you load them into the gun’s chamber or reservoir.

Shooting: Once you have loaded your gel blaster, you will aim the weapon, pull the trigger, or use another mechanism, such as the gun, to shoot water jellies at a target. They will burst on impact when they hit the mark, creating a very satisfying and harmless splash.

Different Categories of Orbeez Guns:

There is a wide range of Orbeez guns you can choose from. Some of them are:

Based on the size:


If you want something to use in a water battle or want both hands weapons. Here you go. Rifle gun is for you. They come in different varieties, and users can choose whether they wish fully automatic or single-shot rifles. Fully automatic is helpful for medium to long-range combat. On the other hand, a Single shot will benefit more accessible and short-range targets.


As the name shows, Pistoles are relatively more minor in size and single-hand operatives. Pistoles also have the categories of single-shot and semi-automatic. These are ideal for indoor games and short-range targets and combats. 

User Guide to Buy an Orbeez Gun:


Never compromise on the quality of your gun. When buying an Orbeez gun, buy from the company’s official website or look for a verified seller. Original guns may be pricy, but they will work a long way. On the other hand, cheap guns may cost you less, but they are prone to malfunctioning and will not last longer.


 There is a wide variety of Orbeez guns to choose from. They include but are not limited to rifles, pistols, assaults, and blasters. Accessing how and where you want to use the gun will be very helpful in the decision.



 Compatibility may not look like an issue when buying a gun, but believe me, and it can be when you run out of Orbeez beads or any other component starts to malfunction. So before choosing a gun, ensure accessories and the Orbeez balls you will use are widely available. 



  Orbeez guns vary significantly in price. They come under a few dollars and go up to over a thousand dollars. Keeping in view your budget is another crucial factor. Once determined, look online and in stores under that range.



Depending upon the complexities and functionalities, Orbeez guns have age recommendations mentioned on them; make sure to check them out. Usually, people of fourteen and above are eligible to use the weapons. Strictly speaking, never give these guns or the balls to kids under twelve as they may end up choking, which can become life-threatening.


Legal issues: 

Some countries may not allow the use of Orbeez guns and consider them illegal weapons. It is essential to check the laws and regulations of your country before buying an Orbeez gun.

Introduction to M249 Mini:

Are you looking for something for the value and features of a full-size M249 but at a reduced size? Orbeez has got you covered with their M249 mini. This latest version will provide you with the same features but at a convenience. You can easily hold it in your hand, and the M249 is super portable, too. 

Gun Specifications:

Here are the quick features I love it for:

The best thing about the M249 mini is its bipods and extended clips. It is super easy to assemble and use. Like the M249, it is made of high-quality plastic.

Mini M249 weighs 1 Ibs, which makes it easy to carry, and the dimensions 15 × 5 × 3 make it effortless to handle.

 The FPS of the M249 mini is 170, and it can attain a range of 70 Feet. The rate of fire of the M249 mini is 7rps, and the mode is automatic, making it an ideal choice for outdoor and long-distance combats.

What to expect from the Package?

If I talk about the Package, you will receive one M249 Gel Blaster, one rechargeable battery (As the gun is automatic), one Orbeez charger(To charge the battery, of course), and one ammo pack that you can soak and use. Safety glasses are another value addition to the Package. They make sure the gel balls don’t get into your eyes.

orbeez M249 mini

Why M249 Mini is a good choice?

  • The quality of the plastic is the best thing that makes the Orbeez M249 mini stand out. It is not even near the typical quality of plastic compared to the other brands in the market. The quality of the product is the biggest reason it is always a good choice.
  • The gun is automatic and has a long-lasting battery. You can easily carry it on long trips and play without stopping.
  • It is lightweight and easy to handle. If you are looking for something for your kids, you should definitely choose this gun because your kid can hold and carry it easily, even in hours-long water battles.
  • Caring for the environment should not be disregarded, even when playing. Here is the good news: the Orbeez balls are highly biodegradable and cause no pollution.
  • With the M249 mini, you don’t have to worry about legal constraints as it is legal in most countries.
  • You don’t have to spend some extra bucks on buying the safety glasses as they are already provided in the Package.
  • All the accessories and components of the gun are widely available. You can repair it immediately if you end up in breakage or malfunctioning.


Orbeez guns are always fun to play with, but the weapon’s quality directly impacts your experience. It may leave you craving more, or you may never play with a gel blaster again. The M249 mini is a good option for those looking for quality and value for money in the same product. The M249 mini is also a breath of fresh air for those M249 enthusiasts who want the same features but with slight changes, such as lightweight, easy handling, and a lower price tag.

 The plastic quality of the M249 mini will last forever; you don’t have to get into the trouble of single shots as the M249 mini is an automatic option, and you can easily carry it around. 70-meter fire range of the M249 mini makes sure none of your friends misses out.

Its neat manufacturing gives it a very stylish and realistic appearance. And most importantly, you can quickly repair if any part gets damaged.

But no matter which gel blaster you choose, always give prime importance to quality and compatibility. Always buy after thorough research, and last but not least, always buy from a verified merchant or company’s site.

Have a happy Orbeezing experience!

F and Q’s:

Do Orbeez guns look real?

Yes, Orbeez guns resemble much of the actual guns because of the high-quality plastic and state-of-the-art manufacturing. Colors are another reason for this close resemblance.

How much does an Orbeez gun cost?

As I described earlier, They vary in price, but the average price tag falls anywhere between 29 to 50 dollars. 

What is Orbeez made of?

Orbeez are colorful water balls primarily made of a superabsorbent plastic polymer. The polymer that is usually used to make Orbeez is sodium polyacrylate. It can contain 100 times more water.