Surge | xl

surge gel blaster with different fins and tips colors

Gel Blaster Surge Click Here to Buy Now Another fantastic example of Gel Blaster, the Gel Blaster Surge stands out visually thanks to its one-of-a-kind design. The one that is ideal for gel blasting because of its compact size and unique design. Being able to fire between 8 and 10 rounds per second at an … Read more

AKM-47 | Large

military style toy riffle gun AKM47

Water Bead Blaster Gun AKM 47 Click Here to Buy Now If you are a fan of PUBG, knowing about the AKM47 Gel blaster gun will unquestionably come as a surprise. Even though it does not have the same appearance as the rifle used in the Online PUBG Game, it is just as effective. It … Read more

SRB1200 Toy Gun

displayed beautiful look bb guns for kids srb1200

SplatRball SRB1200 BB Gun for Kids Click Here to Buy Now The SplatRball Guns have advanced to the next level with the new SRB1200. This most recent model of foam blasting guns is significantly more advanced than its predecessors in many respects. The manufacturers designed this item for intense fight lovers. This improved weapon possesses … Read more

SRB 400 Riffle

SRB 400 Stylish red and grey splatrball displayed

SplatRball SRB400 Splatgun Click Here to Buy Now The Splatrball SRB400 is the perfect option for you if you seek the best full auto water bead blaster kit at an affordable price. It is a powerful Splatgun and looks like Kalashnikov. The most effective weapon for gel blasting in battles for a more extended period, … Read more

SRB 375 Pistol

SplatRBall SRB375 size mentioned along with gun

SplatRball SRB 375 Blaster Pistol Click Here to Buy Now This Splatrball SRB375 is the most fundamental model available, and it was created with complete novices in mind. If you are starting gel blasting, the SRB 375 Mini water pellet gun is a good choice for your first weapon. In most cases, this is ideal … Read more