Orbeez Guns Vs Airsoft Guns— Which One to Opt for?

Orbeez guns vs Airsoft Guns

Orbeez Guns vs Airsoft Guns

Gel blasters, BB guns, Airsoft guns, and whatnot! The recent hype about these shooting toys has emerged as one of the highest attention-grossing trends. Millions have followed the current Orbeez challenge on Tiktok.

And all this happened for quite a good reason. These shooting guns are a lot more fun. Offering you an alternative to the traditional dull-looking guns, Orbeez guns are wild!
In between, all this hype raised a significant concern. The concern is questioning “Orbeez or Airsoft” regarding efficiency, safety, and other factors.

Understanding your concerns about toy guns, which became sensational overnight, we brought you this article. This article will help you dive into the details and decide, Orbeez Guns Vs which gun to go for.

Let’s compare Orbeez guns and airsoft without further ado and give the world the best suggestion.

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Orbeez Guns: A Detailed Review

What is a Gel Blaster or Orbeez Gun?

Orbeez guns are shooting toys known as a safer alternative to airsoft guns. Commonly called gelosoft guns, gel ball blasters, or hydro blasters, these are spring-powered and battery-operated. Orbeez guns are equally popular among kids and adults. It’s a great outdoor toy.

Though they look like ordinary shooting guns in make, yet are way too different. Their appearance is funkier and quirky, which makes them look attractive. They are brightly colored with designs resonating with the youngsters’ taste. The hopper attached to the top of the gun carries the beads or projectiles that these guns shoot. These are called gel pallets.

Gel Pallets— Here Comes the Interesting Part

The most exciting part of an orbeez gun is the projectiles they shoot. Gel pallets are tiny water-absorbent beads made of Sodium Polyacrylate.

They require soaking and become considerably large in size. It’s better to soak these beads in water for 3-4 hours until they grow approximately 7-8mm in dimensions.

These beads are made of non-toxic, biodegradable material. Gel pallets are thus environment-friendly and not messy. The moment they hit the target, they instantly splatter and dissolve.

Stay with us to proceed to the details and decide on gel blaster vs airsoft; which is better?

Types of Orbeez Guns or Gel Soft Rifles

There are various types of orbeez guns. We have categorized them on the power they utilize during shooting or operation.

Spring Piston/ Manual Orbeez Guns

These guns are more straightforward and basic in design. They use a spring pump system that the user has to cock every time before he shoots. This spring operating mechanism makes gel blasters similar to spring-type airsoft rifles.

Electric Orbeez Guns

Others are battery-powered guns. These gel blasters have motor boxes and batteries that empower them. These are the most efficient kind of gel blasters.

Gas-Powered Orbeez Guns

These guns use less explosive, safe, and environment-friendly gases as a power source. These include gases like refrigerants. These include R-143a, Propane, and HFC-152a.these high-performing gases are no threat to the already depleting ozone layer.

Pros of Orbeez Guns

  • Bings you value and quality in a considerable amount
  • These are no-messy. Immediately absorb once splattered
  • Environment friendly
  • It makes the fun time meaningful
  • Usually have long shooting ranges.
  • Rechargeable
    Lightweight and durable
  • A safer alternative to airsoft guns meaning fun without risk, in other words.
  • Because the gel bullets are uneven spheres, they are lesser in weight with large projectile sizes. These features thus decrease their muzzle velocity and make them safer.

Cons of Orbeez Guns

  • Time-consuming as gels bullets require hours to bloom
  • Batteries may run out

By now, you must have answers to questions like “What is a gel blaster” and more. Let’s proceed to airsoft guns to crack the secret to a better shooting toy.Batteries may run out

Airsoft Guns vs Orbeez Guns

Airsoft Guns– A Detailed Review

Starting with the basic concept, let’s intervene with airsoft guns.

What Exactly are Airsoft Guns?

The first airsoft gun ever made was back in the 1970s in Japan, and then there was no looking back. Airsoft guns are shooting toys bearing a striking resemblance to real-life guns. Thankfully a bright orange muzzle differentiates from the deadly authentic arms. These are the toys of choice for people inspired by military simulation sports.

Though airsoft guns are designed with low muzzle activity, the consequences can be fatal when pellets are shot.

Choosing the right weight will give you more control over the ball and result in consecutive strikes and praise from everyone.

AirSoft Pellets— The Deadly Pallets

Contrary to gel pallets, airsoft guns use plastic pallets. These pallets are available in a standard 6mm size. Mostly these pallets are non-biodegradable, but a biodegradable version does exist. The biodegradable pallets are made of a plastic called polylactide. They break down after being exposed to water and carbon dioxide.

Types of Airsoft Guns

Different types of pellet guns are available based on the power they use. These are;

Spring-Powered Guns

These are better called basic airsoft guns. Loaded with a spring-pump mechanism, these guns require you to cock it every time you use it. Spring-powered guns are recommended for beginners.

Gas-Powered Guns

These airsoft guns are gas-powered. However, the gas-powered gun is a hassle since you have to load it every time you intend to shoot. It doesn’t offer reliability.

Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs)

Automatic electric guns are battery-operated airsoft guns. They are usually liked for their accuracy and power.

Orbeez Guns vs Airsoft Guns

Pros of Airsoft Rifles

  • Accurate
  • Powerful
  • Closer to real-life arms

Cons of Airsoft Guns

  • Considerably less environment friendly compared to gel blasters
  • Life-threatening
  • Increased risk of injury
  • Expensive if use biodegradable pallets

Significant Ammo Difference Between Airsoft Plastic BBs and Gel Blaster Water Gel Balls

Besides many other factors that differentiate the two categories of toy guns, the nature of pallets is the most prominent one. Both guns carry pallets way too different from each other. Let’s compare them in detail.

Material: Gel balls are clearly winning it! It’s because the material is not only biodegradable but safe. Considering the safety factor, Orbeez guns are clearly ahead of Airsoft guns.

The airsoft gun BBs are made of plastic. Though available in both biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials, the airsoft gun pallets have failed to mark an impression.

This is because the biodegradable type is more on the expensive side.

Power: Gel balls are less potent as compared to airsoft bbs. The power of each kind of pallet is related to the weight. However, both types of pallets are almost the same weight; their size differs when gel balls swell up.

Comparing the Injuries and Bruises caused by Hydro Balls and Airsoft BBs

DO bbs hurt? It is one of the most commonly asked questions. And yes! They terribly hurt.
Both gel balls and airsoft pellets cause injuries. However, the airsoft bruises are severe. They can even cause death.

Gel balls aren’t much of a threat until someone is shot in the eye. Wearing goggles is therefore recommended. Other body parts aren’t much affected because these balls have almost zero impact.

FAQs— Orbeez Guns Vs Airsoft Guns

What is a gel gun?

Gel guns, gel blasters, or orbeez guns are all similar shooting toys. A gel gun uses water-absorbent gel as bullets, hence named a gel gun.

What is an airsoft gun used for?

An airsoft gun is used for recreational purposes. However, it is known to cause life-threatening injuries.

Do airsoft guns hurt?

Yes! It does hurt.

How bad does airsoft hurt?

 The injuries from airsoft guns are fatal and can even cause death.

What are airsoft pellets made of?

Airsoft pallets are made of plastic.

Final Verdict

So, Orbeez guns Vs Airsoft Guns, which one will you opt for? The whole discussion leads to one central point— Safety! Though airsoft guns are known for their power and accuracy, safety still comes first!

Since these are intended for sports and simulation activities, one should ignore the precision, accuracy, and power factors. Orbeez guns are safer because the projectiles they shoot are literally Gel. However, plastic pellets can be a real risk to life. Their injuries are severe and can turn into a sad demise.
Therefore, we recommend Orbeez guns. Invest in an Orbeez gun today and make your playtime fun time!

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