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Orbeez Guns-Related Risks and Precautions

Having an Upcoming Playdate? Make sure you put your Safety first…

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Orbeez is a simple toy water gun that has increased in demand in recent years. It’s a lot of fun to play with it but one should always be careful to keep the play safe by taking some precautions to reduce the risk factors of injury that could be caused while playing with toy gun.

So, keep reading the article to know more about the relevant risks and precautionary steps to be taken to avoid the possible risks associated with Orbeez guns!

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Even though Gel Guns offers you immense pleasure and fun to play with it but there are some associated risk factors that you can avoid by taking the precautions accordingly:

Avoid Choking Hazard

Orbeez guns are equally popular among children. Since many models come with the small plastic beads that come out with water and can easily block airways if inhaled or swallowed resulting in immediate injury leading to death.

These tiny plastic beads in the gun’s water tank may cause choking hazards leading to brain damage and even death.

Save Your Eyes

Orbiz guns are loved by adults and children, but you should always prioritize the safety of your eyes while playing with them as we have discussed that modified models of these toys are available with tiny plastic beads that can cause serious damage to your eyes when released with pressure.

The small bead can cause scratches and bleeding in the eyeball. It can even make a person blind if they break open and get lodged in the cornea or the pupil.

Keep Your Skin Safe From Irritation

The most noticeable and common risk is the skin irritation, the polyacrylate and water in the gels can cause discomfort.

The sharp edges of the water beads can also scratch the skin which could lead to redness, swelling, and itching.

Moreover, tiny plastic beads can cause allergic reactions, upset stomach and diarrhea if swallowed or ingested.

Be Aware Of Electrocution

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These sort of toy guns often use water and electricity. The risk of electrocution is great if it is not used carefully.

You should be very cautious if you are playing with blasters that is designed to use water and electricity simultaneously.

Because it can not only endanger your life but the life of people playing around with you as well.

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Precautions to be Taken Before and During the Play to Avoid Risks:

● Eyes should be protected with protective eyewear.
● An orb Gun should never be pointed at someone’s face.
● In case of irritation, swelling, and itchiness on the skin, the affected area must be washed with soap and water, discontinue the use of guns and immediately consult the doctor.
● Beads of the gun should be cleaned up and removed from the ground so that no one steps on them and gets hurt.
● Do not let the children play unsupervised when playing with an orbeez gun.

Check the Orbeez Gun before Playing

Of Course, there are several other risks that you must be aware of before starting to play or giving it to the children.

Gun could jam: Before playing make sure that your blaster Gun is not jammed or blocked as an orbeez gun can cause the beads to burst out if tried to apply the force to clear the block.

It could heat up: Immediately stop using the gun if it sparks or starts to emit the smoke. Let it cool down completely.

Your Gun could leak: Before starting to play with the gun make sure that it does not ooze out.

Safety Comes First

  1. Read the instruction manual that is being provided with an Orbie gun.
  2. Play in a ventilated area.
  3. Keep your Orbz gun away from children or give them under supervision.
  4. Do not aim an orbeez gun at animals or people.
  5. Never overfill an orbze gun.
  6. If an Orbe gun starts to spark or emit smoke, stop using it immediately.


Orbeez guns are usually considered as a safe toys, but there are some serious risks associated that should not be neglected when using the toy guns for a cool way to play.

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