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Do Orbeez Shrink? Master the Art of Handling Gel Balls

Do orbeez shrink is the most sought-after query.
Yes! They do. 


 Orbeez are fascinating! Watching them grow from tiny balls into big squashy hydra gel balls is always therapeutic.

From decorations to gel blasters, orbeez tops the list of the safest, environment-friendly, and not-at-all risky accessories. The recent hype of the Orbeez gun challenge has increased the orbeez’s exposure. The small yet unique entities are grabbing attention, and thus people are eager to know more about them.

If you are one of them, you have landed in the right place. This blog post exclusively deals with the most frequently asked questions about orbeez balls. Watching them bloom is natural; however, do they shrink is what concerns the people too. Keep reading to learn the answer in detail.

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Do Orbeez Shrink? A Quick Skim

The biodegradable orbeez balls definitely shrink. This is what we will discuss here in detail.
They can retain their original shape if left out to dry. Their structure and chemical make facilitates shrinking.

The dramatic and exponential swelling of orbeez, along with its shrinkage, is dependent upon its make. These balls are made up of a super-absorbent polymer. This polymer is capable of absorbing way too much water than its weight and swells.
Similarly, the polymer adjusts water loss and thus promotes shrinkage.

The growth and shrinkage of hydra balls are quite a topic these days.
Thanks to the digital platform that took the orbeez gun challenge to another level. Though the lawsuits concerning the challenge are another topic, the hydro balls are great! Wondering how to shrink orbeez balls? We have got all the details covered.
Are you keen to learn the details? Great! Let’s explore the ways!

How to Shrink Orbeez Balls? A Detailed Insight

There are many ways that one can use to shrink orbeez balls. Let’s have a look!

Give me Some SunShine— Say the Orbeez

After finding the answer to “Do orbeez shrink,” we approach the first way to shrink them.
Leaving them in the sun for a day helps the best. The sun will facilitate the balls to lose water. As soon as the water starts evaporating, you will see the magic. The orbs not only shrink but hardens too. So a bit of sun and voila! You are done.

Use Salt on Orbz– Shrink them with Salt

Surprised? Salt is magical. Salt is believed to draw moisture out on anything it is sprinkled upon. Cover the orbeez balls in salt and let the salt turn the magic wand.
You will notice the orbeez turning harder as they lose moisture. Once drained fully, they will be back to their original size and shape.


Blow Them Away— Greater Ventilation, Quicker Shrinkage

Air can do wonders! Leave the swollen orbeez balls in a well-ventilated place. The continuous and sufficient airflow will accelerate the drying process. With speeded evaporation, orbs dry back and shrink in considerable time.

Though it seems fancy, proper ventilation is the key! If the space is not well-ventilated, the shrinking can linger.

Let them Snuggle in a Warm Environment

Let them feel that warmth which may evaporate the water faster. But the temperature shouldn’t be too high. For instance, if you keep it in the microwave, the extreme heat can cause them to pop like popcorn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Orbeez dry out and shrink?

Yes! They can dry out and thus shrink if placed in optimum conditions. Place them either in the sun or a well-ventilated area to accelerate evaporation.

How to shrink orbeez?

Place them in the sun or let them dry out in proper air. You can also dry them using salt. Drying them out means water loss. Once the water is lost, orbeez will shrink to their original shape and size.

How long does it take for water to dry when dealing with orbeez?

If left in sunlight, the orbeez will take a single day to dry out. However, in a closed container in a warm area, it can take almost a week to dry them out.


Watching gel blaster splattering swollen orbeez balls is fun! Once you are done with them, what’s next? Why don’t you look for hacks that can shrink the orbs to their original size and shape?
We, therefore, have brought you fun ways to master the skill of handling orbeez. Once done with this blog post, we are sure you will have found answers to questions like “Do Orbeez shrink?

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