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All You Need To Know About Orbeez!

Orbeez, What are they?

orbeez what are they

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These are the small gel balls that are made up of absorbent polymers. These polymers are quite fascinating for children and are often considered Magic Balls.

Wondering why it is so called? Because these Orbeez beads are smaller in appearance and get bigger once they are soaked in water for some time.

Their super absorbent polymers make them able to swell and multiply in size.

Apart from being the children’s favorites, they are also kept in houses for decoration purposes.

Moreover, the orbeez gel balls are utilized for massaging and sensory activities; these Orby balls are super easy to play with.

What are Orbeez Made of?

The composition of Orbeez is quite safer as they are not made up of any plastic but from a super absorbent polymer.

These tiny beads, which expand when submerged in water, are created from acrylic acid, sodium hydroxide, and water.

The soft texture makes them more fun and attracts children.

Are Orbeez Poisonous?

If orbeez are accidentally ingested, they do not cause serious trouble.

They pass through the alimentary tract and are excreted out naturally.

Are Orbeez Toxic to Dogs / Animals?

The polymers used in manufacturing the gel beads are non-toxic, and if dogs engulf them, they can become swollen and be life-threatening for a dog.

Moreover, the gel beads can cause blockage inside the intestines.

Are Orbeez Biodegradable?

Yes, the orby balls are not long-lasting and tend to break into pieces after some time.

Eventually, they can decompose and get absorbed into the soil after some time.

However, it could take a long period for these gel balls to decompose completely.

You can also discard them if you immediately want to throw them.

So, the next time you’re getting your hands on these Orbeez, don’t forget you are playing with a product that is fun to play with and has many other purposes too.

are orbeez toxic

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Are These For Fun Only?

You would probably be thinking that orbeez balls are just for fun. But it’s the other way around.

These balls are used for multiple purposes. If you are concerned with the safety of using them, don’t worry; these balls are Non-toxic and Biodegradable.

Their environmentally friendly composition makes them much safer to be used for decoration and self-care.

  • Gardeners love Orbeez because they can collect and retain water for days. This quality makes it a good item to be kept in pots and in the surroundings of your garden.
  • Orbees balls are admired by kids because they come in various colors, so you can sprinkle them when you want to add more color to any of your projects.
  • Also, if you are someone who wants to put glass ornaments for decorative purposes, then you can fill them with these balls.

Can You Use Orbeez for A Therapy?

Yes, you can utilize these small non-toxic Orby balls to cure stress.

Imagine you come home after a tiring day, and all you need is a massage. So, these balls can serve you with a gentle massage too.

So many different kinds of spa kits are available in the market to offer you free therapy.

These balls are so soft and calming for the skin that you won’t resist using them again.

Are Orbeez Reusable?

So, if you are concerned about the orbeez balls and how they can be used again, here’s some good news.

The Orbeez can be reused again and again.

  • All you need to do is keep the hydrated balls in a jar.
  • Now, keep this closed jar in the sunlight.
  • The heat will cause the balls to shrink, and the balls will be hardened.
  • Now, your balls are ready to be used again.

Are these Gel Beads Destructive to the Environment?

Orbeez are small beads that are preferred to be used for multiple purposes and are mostly by children.

But they can still be harmful to the Environment.

It would be best if you always correctly disposed of them. Make sure you never flush them off; they can cause blockage in the sewage lines.

Moreover, if you throw these balls in lakes or rivers, then they can be engulfed by aquatic animals. Once they get into the digestive system, they can cause animal deaths.

Thus, it is of utmost importance to dispose of the gel beads appropriately.