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DIY with Orbeez— Cool Things to Do With Orbeez

DIY Orbeez Stress Ball

DIY with Orbeez? Sounds fascinating? This is the right place for you if you are a die-hard DIY follower

Orbeez existed for quite a time; however, we experienced a massive surge in its popularity graph after the Orbeez challenge on Tiktok.

You must be familiar with orbeez guns and their latest obsession. But it’s time to go trendier with orbs. Incite your inner DIYer! Because we have enlisted some super cool things to do with orbeez. Bloom them, and create masterpieces.

Grab your essentials and keep reading because it’s worth it! Without further ado, let’s explore the fancy list of orbeez ideas.

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Orbeez Craft Ideas— Let’s Blow ‘em with Creativity

Following are the orbeez fun ideas to try and create something out of the box.

Floating Candles—A Date to Cherish ForEver

Imagine you are expecting the love of your life on a date at your place. A well-presented table with a scrumptious meal will do wonders. Well, it’s easy to land a good meal, but how to go about a table that speaks for itself?

Set all your worries aside! We got you covered! Rush to the nearest dollar store. Grab a pack of orbeez balls, some jars, charms like hearts, pearls, or potpourri, and tea light candles.

Bloom the orbeez until they are done. Now fill your cylindrical jars with them, insert the charms, fill the jar with more orbeez, and repeat placing the charms until the jar is almost filled.
Now add water, and place a tea light candle on the top.

Once your jar is filled with water, the orbee being colorless, merge in the water. The charms emerge as suspended with floating candles on the top. It sure is something to die for!
Orbeez Christmas decorations are another idea to try to impress your guests.

Slime Orbeez– The Combo to Swear Upon

Are you looking for something to destress? Or something that can be a good resource for your child? Here it comes! The orbeez slime is a new thing that you can create at home.
Popular among kids and grown-ups, slime is quite an ordinary thing that we are all familiar with. To your surprise, it is one of the great resources for developing a child’s fine motor skills. Try our recipe to give the regular slime a twist.

The recipe consists of two stages that go along simultaneously. Soak your orbeez ball. Meanwhile, make a slime batch. Follow the recipe below;

  • 4tbsp of Borax
  • 1 cup of White School Glue
  • 1 ⅓ Cup Warm Water
  • 1 cup water at room temperature
  • Food coloring


  • Mix White School Glue and a cup of water at room temperature in a bowl. Add food colorings. Set aside.
  • In another bowl, mix Borax and warm water. Make sure borax dissolves in the water completely.
  • Pour the white glue mixture into the borax solution slowly. Make sure not to mix both. Meanwhile, the slime will be formed. Use your hands to swoosh the slime several times.
  • Shift the slime to another bowl and knead it several times until the slime is all set.
  • Mix the orbeez balls with the slime, and your DIY Slime Orbeez is ready to involve your toddler with!
orbeez craft ideas

Sensory Bottles— Baby Calm Down, Calm Down

Sensory bottles have made it to the list of rip-roaring orbeez craft ideas. Insanely calming, the sensory bottles are sure to try. These are not only relaxing to look at but can be used as a great sensory resource for kids.

To create your own sensory bottles, you just need to grab a few things and start.

  • Take a few craft bottles.
  • Soak water beads or orbs and set them aside.
  • In a 1:7 ratio, add hair gel to water and mix with a spoon until fully dissolved.
  • Transfer this water to the craft bottle using a funnel.
  • Add in orbe and see the magic.
  • You can add glitter to the bottles to observe the magic before your eyes.

Calming bottles are great for taming overwhelming emotions. They are becoming famous for decreasing stress levels.

DIY Orbeez Bracelets– The Gen-Z Thing

Keep reading! It’s getting intense! Have you heard of DIY orbeez bracelets? If not, here they come! Bracelets are definitely one of the fun things to do with orbeez.
These can be the best makes if you are about to show up in a funfair with some funky, cool stuff. Invest in a few cheap accessories from the dollar store and end up being called the Gen-Z Jewels Guru!

  • Grab a pipe with a smaller diameter that you find suitable for a bracelet.
  • Orbs both swollen and original
  • Charms
  • Food coloring
  • Water
  • Glue gun/ masking tape

You can create a variety using these few things. For instance, go for the original orbs. Instead of blooming them, use them as they are. Using a mini funnel transfer them to the pipe cut using a mini funnel according to your wrist size.

You can add charms to it. Once done, seal it using a glue gun or masking tape. The bracelet is ready.
You can also use the swollen orbeez in the same way with colored water as a floating medium. It’s definitely a sight to witness!

Orbeez Stress Ball— Must-Try DIY with Orbeez

Hypertension, stroke risk, anxiety, and heart attack! Kick them in one go with a DIY orbeez stress ball. We have brought you a fun idea to fight these morbid health monsters. Instead of going through a long process, and spending a fortune, try something new.

If anxiety is disturbing you, invest in a few cheaper options. Go to the nearest mart and buy these things to tackle the beastly anxiety in the early stages.

  • Grab a few balloons.
  • Fill them with orby and blow.
  • Add water. Let the orbie bloom inside the balloon.
  • Once bloomed, defeat the balloon to the size that fits in your palm.
  • Your stress ball is ready.

Stress balls are believed to improve circulation. The improved blood circulation can shield you from many deadly attacks like the one described above.

Final Words

This isn’t making the end for orbeez! Orbeez are way too potent. They are undoubtedly impressive because these simple hydro balls can do wonders. The orbeez ideas listed in this blog post are sure to try!

DIY with Orbeez is a new trend that has seen a massive following. Not requiring much, you must have an aesthetic sense and a good resource supply to create unique pieces with orbs.

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